Student Testimonials

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On the Certificate Program

“The impact has been astounding. I began working in nonprofit organizations in the summer of 2003 at an entry-level position. I am successful in my consulting business today, in large part because of the knowledge gained from the courses I took when earning my Certificate in Nonprofit Management.”

Beth W., Nonprofit Consultant
Albuquerque, New Mexico

“It provided me with a level of confidence as I transitioned from a senior management role in the private sector into a development role at a university. It has also been very helpful in my two board roles–one an advisory board and one a governing board with fiduciary responsibility.”

Nancy M., Director, Educational Nonprofit
San Francisco, California

“I decided to pursue a certificate in nonprofit management to help Children of the City move forward. As a community based organization, I was looking for ways to raise our profile and strengthen the Board of Directors. The instructors were extremely helpful and gave appropriate feedback. Each course provided me with the resources I needed and directed me to best links to find research when I had specific legal or financial questions. Not only have I benefited from the courses, but so has the rest of the board at Children of the City because I can make a suggestion and explain why we need to follow a course of action based on what I have learned in my UIC classes.”

Julia M., Board Member, Nonprofit Human Services
Brooklyn, New York

“I decided to pursue a certificate in nonprofit management to advance my skills in my career. I selected UIC because I enjoy taking online courses. The same course was offered through [a college in my area] but I decided on this course instead. The instructors were great. I got more feedback and direction in these courses than any of the courses that I have taken for credit. I enjoyed “meeting” others from around the world and realizing that everyone has a lot of the same issues to deal with.”

Michelle S., Manager, Foundation Operations
Parkville, Maryland

“It has not only given me a broader set of skills to draw from, but also a larger experience base because of the thoughts and past experiences my classmates shared during the classes.”

Chang L., Program Coordinator, Educational Nonprofit
Chicago, Illinois


On the Fundraising Management Course

“This class gave me great and detailed insight into how one does fundraising. If I wanted to be a fundraiser, this is a great class to learn the how-tos and also to enhance the skills I have. I think it is important to take classes or otherwise folks get stuck in a rut. Classes help to loosen the brain cells, see new perspectives. I heard many students talk about using some of the techniques in their nonprofits. Many were Executive Directors or higher-level staff.”

Sharon B., Patient Safety Officer, Project Manager
Lisle, Illinois

“Excellent. Provided me with the skills and knowledge I needed to put together an action plan for fundraising.”

Joan S., Donor Administrative Assistant,
Worth, Illinois


On the Operations Management Course

“What an eye opener. I had NO idea of all the various rules and regulations that need to be addressed with the nonprofit sector. This was of particular interest to me because we want to run an organization that remains transparent to our donors so it was great to have this course under my belt to really understand the how and why of policies and procedures, and the instructor was most helpful to me regarding my writing of my organization’s policies and procedures.”

Lee-Ann I., Office Manager / Campaign Coordinator
Hamilton, Bermuda

“This was a strong course and provided much needed information. It helped me to know what to delegate and how to monitor operations and much more—helped me to become a better manager of operations and of people. Very good course.”

Luana B., Human Services
Northfield, Illinois


On the Financial Management Course

“I’m able to set up a budget. I understand a balance sheet. I can manage a grant. These are just a few things that I could not do before.”

Patt K., Executive Director
Oak Park, Illinois

“I am better able to oversee the work of my organization’s business manager, and I can report to the board of directors with a more thorough understanding of the organization’s budget, expenditures and grants.”

Daniel F., Director of Community Affairs
Secaucus, New Jersey

“I am using the Financial Management information to be more informed in my decision making and participation as a board member on a nonprofit board.”

Leslie F., Clinical Social Worker
Waterbury, Indiana

“Shortly after I took the financial management course, I was called upon to revise my organization’s policy and procedures manual. Based on what I learned, I added a financial procedures section. From the course I had a collection of ‘best practice’ models to consult and our treasurer was very pleased to see us adding important checks and balances to our handling of funds.”

Hilary Ward S., Director, Educational Nonprofit
Grayslake, Illinois


On the Strategic Management Course

“As a past manager and as an employee who sets structure, this was an exceptional class. I think ALL managers (nonprofit and otherwise) should take this class. It refreshes the brain, puts the ideal on the table and raises the bar.”

Sharon B., Patient Safety Officer, Project Manager
Lisle, Illinois

“This was very timely, as I was soon to lead us through a strategic planning process – mostly this class connected me with lots of resources that I tapped into to help work through our strategic issues.”

Lisa H., Executive Director, Environmental Nonprofit
Harvard, Illinois

“I enjoyed this class. In my position, thinking strategically regarding prospects/fundraising is vital to success, so having a plan/vision/mission and being able to articulate that is crucial to success of the organization and fundraising success.”

Laura A., Director, Nonprofit Healthcare Services
South Orange, New Jersey


On the Marketing Management Course

“I am developing a marketing plan for the nonprofit I volunteer for as the board president. This class provided me with invaluable resources and skills that I anticipate using frequently.”

Marcia R., Manager of Membership Development
Riverton, Illinois

“Now I can include financial data in marketing materials with a better understanding.”

Daniel F., Director of Community Affairs
Secaucus, New Jersey

“I have a marketing background, so I enjoyed incorporating my private sector background to the group project. The information and course content was very valuable. I love the group dynamics. I would never have imagined that we would work together to successfully complete group projects with people all over the world on the internet. This was my first online course.”

Lucy B., Manager, Educational Nonprofit
Sugar Land, Texas


On the Nonprofit Governance Course

“Nonprofit Governance was my favorite UIC class. I quote my instructor just about every month at our board meetings. The required readings were fascinating and assignments were extremely practical.”

Julia M., Board Member
Brooklyn, New York

“I used this information right away! It helped me lead a board of directors and identify the strengths and weaknesses. This term of my presidency, we are going through an education process and strategic planning process, which the organization has never really done.”

Marcia R., Manager of Membership Development
Riverton, Illinois

“I learned a lot about board responsibilities–which has helped me in my duties as a board member at my daughters’ school. In fact, I was able to help whip our board into shape after learning what we should be doing!”

Linda S., Director of Business Development
Austin, Texas