CNM Students

In each of the CNM courses, you will find colleagues who share your passion for nonprofit work and who strive to overcome issues similar to those you may be facing. CNM courses are lively and interactive: fellow classmates share ideas and lessons learned from years of experience in the nonprofit sector, and courses are facilitated by experts from a range of nonprofit disciplines. We’re proud to say that CNM students learn as much from their classmates as they do from their instructors.

New and Aspiring Nonprofit Managers
If you’re new to the nonprofit world, CNM can help you develop the essential skills you’ll need to succeed. CNM’s program flexibility allows you to select the courses most relevant for your individual situation. The CNM Academic Director can help you develop an individualized course of study that makes sense for you, so you can be “up and running” quickly and effectively.
Experienced Nonprofit Managers
If you’re an experienced nonprofit manager, the CNM program provides practical skills designed to develop or enhance specific skills you need, in areas such as:

  • Working more effectively with boards.
  • Developing stronger strategic plans.
  • Increasing current fundraising methods.
  • Planning for and preventing staff turnover.
  • Understanding organizational budgets.
Career Changers
Considering a career change to nonprofits? From multiple (and sometimes competing) stakeholders to tightly regulated and allocated sources of funding, nonprofit organizations are run in ways that can sometimes seem mystifying to newcomers. CNM can help you understand the differences and similarities between nonprofits, government and the private sector and will set you on a path to develop skills that will make the most out of your career change.
Members of Nonprofit Boards of Directors
Increase your impact on the organization you serve by learning the responsibilities inherent in being a board member, and by learning about specific, critical areas of nonprofit management. CNM courses include board development, finance, fundraising, marketing, grant writing, and operations.
View a sampling of roles and occupations held by CNM Students
Assistant Director
Associate Director of Development
Associate for Marketing & Publicity
Board Secretary
Budget Analyst
Chief Executive Officer
Chief Financial Officer
Community Development Director
Community Campaign Manager
Data Analyst
Development Assistant
Development Associate
Director of Business Development
Director of Development
Director of Housing
Director of Marketing
Director of Operations
Director of Research & Planning Education Director
Executive Director
Family Services Coordinator
Grant Manager
Guidance Counselor
Housing Coordinator
Information Technology Manager
Marketing & Development Associate
Policy Advocate
Property Management Director
Research Assistant
Research Specialist
Training Coordinator
Vice President
Volunteer Coordinator
Web site Manager
Youth and Education Organizer