Program Benefits

Customize Your Education

The CNM program provides you with a comprehensive introduction to nonprofit management. To earn the certificate, you will select and complete six courses that best meet your individual learning objectives. The CNM team will work with you to make these selections. For more information about customized guidance, please e-mail the CNM Program Advisor.

You may also register for one or more individual courses if you are interested in specific topics in nonprofit management.

Dedicated Instructors

Experienced, skilled instructors will guide you through a structured, interactive learning experience that features readings, interactive learning activities, discussion and hands-on exercises. The work experiences of CNM instructors cover a wide range of nonprofit disciplines, and the personalized guidance provided throughout the course is relevant, insightful and timely.

Valuable Colleagues

Your classmates will include other nonprofit professionals. Together you will share diverse insights that will deeply enrich your learning experience. Online CNM courses allow you to meet, work with and learn from nonprofit professionals from all over the country and around the globe.

Online Convenience

All CNM courses are completely online, so you will be able to log on at any time. CNM courses include weekly structured online discussions with your classmates and instructor. You can participate in the courses whenever your schedule allows, but you must meet due dates for weekly assignments.

Competitive Fees

The non-credit nature of the program allows UIC to offer each course for $550. Each CNM course provides 50 hours of learning and instruction over a five-week period. (Note: Mastering Grant Writing is a six-week course and costs $650.)