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8 Signs It’s Time To Make a Career Change

By Princess Currence – UIC@Work

The desire to have a career that is both fulfilling and purposeful drive many people to reevaluate their career choices, even in the roughest economic times.  Changing jobs can be a positive move and an effective way to stay relevant from a career and personal standpoint. Here are 8 signs that it may be time to make a career change:

  1. There is no professional growth potential.  In your current position, there is no room for you to move upward or sideways. Others may have been promoted over you. Your boss is unpleasant or demeaning. All of us have bad days at work. But enduring this type of a situation on a daily basis is a reason to move out of your current team or leave the company altogether.
  2. Your talents are not appreciated. When your best strengths or skills are appreciated or valued, it hard to stay motivated. Loyalty is difficult to maintain if your boss is unwilling to invest in your potential or support your career advancement. It may be time to look for an employer that values your new skill set.
  3. Your Job is not good for your health. Are you always exhausted?  Or are struggling to concentrate? Of course, there are times when personal life suffers because of long hours at the work. However, is it the norm rather than the exception? Work-life balance is important, maybe your body is telling you enough is enough!
  4. You lack Passion and mission. If your position does not inspire to anymore and working leaves you feeling adrift. This can mean it is time to pursue new interests.
  5. The organization is going out business. Although loyalty is a virtue, no need to go down with a sinking ship.  You need to take care of yourself and those that may depend on you.
  6. The workplace culture is toxic. When your company has a hostile environment or the leadership is not transparent, this may affect your performance or ability to grow. You may want to consider looking for place that will deserve your talents
  7. Your authentic self is feels trapped. Your personal brand is how you appear to the world. Being authentic means that you can act, innovate and think in ways that are natural to you. If you feel like your boss are our company are holding you back. Alternatively, you feel like you do not recognize yourself in anymore. It may be time to consider a change.
  8. You always wanted to be your own boss. If being your own boss has been a reoccurring dream of yours, is it time to finally break out and become a social entrepreneur?

Review these critical factors carefully, If one or more of these hit close to home, you may want to discuss the situation with a career advisor, mentor, human resources or a good friend and decide what developmental skills or talents you need to be promoted or transition into a different position. Lastly, assess your personal situation. Do you have a good idea that you know would be a hit? Might be time to take the leap.



Princess Currence, MSW is an energetic career coach, corporate trainer, instructional designer, high education and diversity and inclusion leader with 16 years of experience in career and talent development across a variety of industries. She oversees UIC@Work is UIC Extended Campus’ Workforce Development and Educational Training Initiatives which brings the cutting-edge knowledge of University of Illinois at Chicago’s (UIC) world-class faculty and industry experts to deliver training solutions that drive performance improvement and meet professional goals.